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Originally established in June 2002, I first started breeding Fancy Mice under the old name Magical Marnie's Mousery, when I was only 12 years old, I quickly became hooked on the whole range of different coat types, colours and markings you can get in mice, and ended up breeding my favourite varieties, Abyssinian, Astrex and texel.

My passion then expanded into gerbils when I was sold 2 pet gerbils as males and just a few weeks later a litter of gerbils was born, this was when I first started showing interested in breeding gerbils and again amazed by all the colours coat types and markings that where widely available. I decided to breed the marked varieties Pied, Mottled and Spotted, in a whole range of colours, also in both Standard and Rex Coated.

Then near the end of 2018 I was offered an amazing opportunity to start breeding Belgian Hares by a breeder local to myself, and after some thinking I went a head, and put my first pair together, Imp a Black Tan male and Pixie a Blue Spotted Belgian Hare that carries English Spot in her heritage, this was when my passion for Belgian Hares grew into a obsession.

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